Thursday Night Throwdowns

The Thursday Night Throwdown was started in March of 2008 at Octane Coffee by M’lissa and Ben, in an effort to provide a time of camaraderie, competition, and heavy beer consumption on a regular basis. TNTs are a battle of nerves and latte art skills, framed by head-to-head competition and the judgment of your peers.

TNTs are now hosted in rotation by coffee shops all across the city. So, brush up on those pours. The next TNT could be right around the corner.

Since 2008, TNTs have popped up all over the country, and even the world! To walk down memory lane, or see how it all started, check out the old TNT blog here.

Liquid Ambition Series

The Liquid Ambition Competition was inspired by the friendly overlap between the worlds of baristas and bartenders in the service industry. Competitors team up to create a coffee cocktail, and are judged according to the success and creativity of the finished product.

Get to drinking, and call it research.

Cup Taster’s Challenge

Cup Taster’s Challenge is triangulation challenge based on speed and accuracy. Competitors must distinguish between coffee samples as quickly as possible, all while trying to avoid spilling their spit cup.

Cup Taster competition circuits run regionally, nationally, and internationally. Participation in local Cup Taster’s Challenges will not guarantee you international recognition, apologies.