The Ultimate Coffee Showdown

We’re changing things up in this new year. It’s time for a good ol’ fashion showdown.

This tournament will consist of three separate competitions over the course of three months. They will occur as follows:

  • Triangulation Challenge @ Taproom Coffee, February 16, 2017
  • Brew Battle @ Intelligentsia Coffee Training Lab, March 23, 2017
  • Latte Art Throwdown @ Dancing Goats North Ave, April 27, 2017

For each competition, you will receive 5 points for signing up to compete. At the end of the event, we will award additional points for the top six competitors: 6th place will receive 5 points, 5th place gets 10 points, 4th place gets 15 points, and so on. These points will be totaled and saved from each competition, and will be categorized according to the individual and their respective company.

In March, after the Latte Art Throwdown, we will total the points from each competition to determine our Top 3 winners. We will also determine a coffee company winner, based off of points accumulated throughout duration of the competition.

The results will be announced at a Liquid Ambition Cocktail Throwdown, at Octane Westside, on May 18, 2017. In the event of a tie, the tie-breaker will occur on this night.

Want to know more about each competition? Well, just keep on scrolling.

Triangulation Challenge: This is a competition of palates. Each competitor will be presented with 5 flights of cups, and must identify the outlier in each flight. This competition is scored based on accuracy and speed.

Brew Battle: For this competition, competitors will be testing their manual brewing skills, by going head to head in a brewing throwdown. In each round, competing pairs will roll a dice to determine the coffee and the brew method with which they will compete. Coffees are sponsored locally, and will be revealed the night of the competition. Brew methods will consist of Chemex, Kalita, Clever Dripper, Aeropress, V60 Cone, and Espresso. Competitors will be given 7 minutes to dial-in their recipe, and 5 minutes to produce a coffee to be evaluated by the judges. These will be scored according to an interpretation of a standard cupping form.

Latte Art Throwdown: The tournament will finish up with a classic. Competitors will demonstrate their ability to heat up milk and pour it into another vessel. The designs produced will be scored according to the rules of the World Latte Art Championships. Its the same TNT, but the stakes are higher.

Details for the Liquid Ambition Competition are coming, so stay tuned!