2014 TNT’s are in the bag and we had a blast sending it out.  Condesa Coffee hosted our final event of the year and they made it a great one.  Competitors were greeted with goodie bags full of homemade cookies and other treats to keep them warm; thanks to the owners and staff at Condesa.


We had 28 competitors in total come out to throw down and show their support to the Atlanta coffee community.  That seemed to be the overarching theme of the evening, community.  Its an honor to be a part of a community where the Throwdown’s have become less about beating the person to the left or right of you, but instead it exist as a moment of friendly competition in-between the moments of catching up about life and relationships.  We have a great group here in Atlanta and everyone should be proud of that.


This month, a very familiar name made his way back into the top of the leaders.  After placing 3rd for the past couple of months, Jason Mundie proved to be the top competitor and took home a great big swag bag filled with coffee, a t-shirt, a mug and some booze.  Coming in second this month was Dut Goodman and 3rd place belongs to Taylor Castle.


Our Winners. (L to R) Dut Goodman, Jason Mundie, Taylor Castle
Our Winners. (L to R) Dut Goodman, Jason Mundie, Taylor Castle

We want to thank everyone involved immensely for the efforts they put into making the TNT’s what they are.  Thank you Condesa for being a very generous and amazing host, and to the judges: David Lamont and Ben Helfen of Counter Culture Coffee and Chandler Rentz of Batdorf & Bronson.  Also thank you to Counter Culture and Condesa for the donation of prizes for December’s TNT.

Our Judges. (L to R) Ben Helfen, Chandler Rentz, David Lamont
Our Judges. (L to R) Ben Helfen, Chandler Rentz, David Lamont

This months throw down comes a bit earlier in the month than normal, but its not every month that Atlanta is hosting one of the biggest coffee events of the year.  Coffee Fest is coming to Atlanta and we are kicking off the weekend with a Throwdown that is being hosted by Octane @ Grant Park (437 Memorial Drive #A5, Atlanta, GA 30312).  It will be on Feb 5th at 7:30ish.  Sign Ups begin at 7 and pouring begins around 7:30.  We are looking forward to another great turnout and another great evening filled with amazing competitors.


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