Oct TNT recap + Halloween TNT Details

editedtnt 01

October’s TNT was hosted by Bantam + Biddy Crescent with an awesome World Cup style twist. Each person got multiple head to head pours, taking the point if judges Dustin Mattson and Ren Doughty picked their pour, while Ben Helfen kept score.



There were a few draws, but in the end Andrew Meincke won, with second going to Ben Mueller, and third going to Justin King. They each got to take home Bantam + Biddy gift cards, a t-shirt, and coffee courtesy of Batdorf and Bronson.


Thank you to our wonderful host Bantam + Biddy Crescent, to our judges, to Batdorf and Bronson for sponsoring, and to everyone that came out for this great evening!

Taproom will be hosting a special Halloween TNT on Oct. 30 at 7pm! There will be a costume contest! Come dressed up and ready to throwdown!

Until then, happy pouring!


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