Atlanta Coffee Co.

Screen Shot 2014-05-19 at 2.27.07 PM

Atlanta Coffee Company is a new coffee roaster based out of the heart of Atlanta, Georgia. These guys have an increasing passion for sourcing quality beans, roasting them to achieve peak flavor profiles, and following through right to the cup through the brewing process. I’ve had the pleasure of knowing them both for a few months now as they start to take on local accounts, and they are both diving right into the heart of true coffee culture in this city. They are ready to take this journey to the next level and to do that, they need some support, which we all know the coffee community is really great at that.

Atlanta Coffee Company is starting to develop their own personality and really find their nitch here amongst some of the best coffee in the states, so lets lend a hand to them and see coffee continue to thrive in our city. Watch this video to hear from them and to learn how you can support them! They have one week left, so lets do this.

Keep up with them on facebook and twitter.

Happy pouring, guys.


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