February TNT results

The February TNT was a great night filled with even greater people. Condesa Coffee hosted the evening and we couldn’t be more thankful for their awesome participation, craft beer on draft, prizes they threw in, and for providing an overall awesome venue for forty or so people to hang out for the night.


Big shoutout to our amazing judges: Emily Davis, from Counter Culture Coffee. Dustin Mattson, from Octane Coffee. And Ren Doughty, from Batdorf & Bronson.


A little glance at the prizes for the night. Condesa threw in the coveted bottle of booze and a few bags of coffee, Counter Culture threw in some awesome brewing equipment.


Jonathan Pascual, a familiar face, pouring one of many beautiful cappuccinos of the night. Go ahead and get yourself familiar with his latest quest and Kickstarter Campaign for Taproom Coffee by clicking here. We are all super pumped for him and ready to support this project the whole way through!


Emily Davis, you’re such a joy. That is all.


Our two finalists, Taylor Bone and Chandler Rentz, about to face off for 1st place.


Clearly it was a tough call.


The final pours, Taylor on the left, and our winner Chandler on the right taking home the cash and winnings!


I will now leave you with this bundle of excitement and joy. Penelope Davis is clearly ready for the next TNT which will be on March 20th at Octane Westside. Look out for another blog before then about prizes and other shenanigans. Happy pouring, guys.


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