Safehouse TNT recap/Dixie Cup standings


Thanks for everyone to came out Friday night for the Safehouse grand re-opening. There was an unbelievable amount of support shown, and needless to say, everyone is very happy to have these guys up and running in their proper space. Even though Griffin is almost an hour south of Atlanta, it’s well worth a trip to check these guys out if you’ve never been.


Our champion this month is Caleb White, who is a barista at Copper Coin in Woodstock. He narrowly defeated Erin Strausbaugh of Octane coffee. Erin and Caleb were both first time finalists, and it was a great way to start off the Dixie Cup! Now that the first round is over we have standings:

  • Caleb White – 5 points
  • Erin Strausbaugh – 4 points
  • Alex Maes – 3 points
  • Jonathan Pascual – 3 points (won group)
  • Joel Palmer – 2 points (won group)
  • Randy Harrell – 2 points (won group)
  • Daniel Mueller – 2 points (won group)
  • Leslie Piper – 1 point

Can’t wait for round 2 to come up in March! Details on the date and location will be coming soon. Check out more photos from round 1 by the amazing Matt Davis here!


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